Monday, June 22, 2009




We live on noni kingdom.  Noni trees emerge from hard lava, form thick hedges along the roadside. The bulky trees have large broad leafs, and branches growing perpendicular to its trunk extending straight out that makes it difficult to approach it. Pickers harvest the fruits from farms to farms or in the wilderness and deliver it to small factories that press them and extract the juice.  I have tried my own small production.  I have harvest the fruits according to the rules taught by a local Hawaiian healer and let them sit in the dark in a jar to obtain the juice.  I have shared the beverage with friends and patients and anticipate a grim on their face after the first sip. I thought noni juice was supposed to taste funny and that one needed to acquire a taste for it until I tasted Walsh’s juice.  He did not make its concoction a secret and explained to me how to prevent the juice from fermenting and acquiring this unpleasant taste.  Since then, I only use his juice and it is a pleasure to drink it, plus we can give it to people who have a problem with alcohol because it is non-alcoholic.

He had his juice tested and these are the results of the test. No wonder this juices has wonderful healing properties for numerous illnesses!  It contains large amounts of vitamins and trace minerals.  His juice was tested in 2004 by independent labs in the US and Japan and here are the results.


Lab Test Results combined from independent labs in USA and Japan


Sample Test Dates: 1/26/04 to 1/30/04

Sample from SO: #001/010404/2T

Sample size 100g


Water   94.1g

Protein  0.60g

Fat            0.40 %

Ash            .50 %

Carbohydrates  5.40 %

Calories         28

Sodium         2.1 mg/100g

Sucrose         4.5 g/100g

Phosphorous 16.3 mg/100g

Thiamine (B1)         0.03 mg/100g

Riboflavin (B2)         0.005 mg/100g

Niacin (B3)                  0.39mg/100g

Vitamin B6         1.23mg/100g

Vitamin B12 ,.44 mcg/100g

Vitamin C         2.9mg/100g

Fiber                  0.4g/100g

Tannin Acid         0.12 g/100g

Iron         0.58 mg/100g

Calcium  10.1mg/100g

Potassium         237mg/100g

Magnesium  16.8 mg/100g

Copper         79 mcg/100g

Zinc                  123 mcg/100g

Manganese   149mcg/100g

Specific Gravity 1.015

Viscosity         1.3`

pH         3.3

Refract.solids  8%

Coliform         <3.0>

APC         30 CFU

Yeast & Mold  <10>


Compiled by PM Walsh Group.